TAB Engineers is a professional services firm who is engaged in testing, adjusting, balancing (TAB) and building systems commissioning (BSC), specializing in the testing, evaluation and optimization of mechanical systems performance. Our goal is to assist building owners and engineers in the final steps of placing into service new and retrofitted heating, ventilating or air conditioning systems, thereby ensuring the optimal operation of the systems as a result of successful design and installation. TAB Engineers has been providing commissioning and testing and balancing service to Hawaii’s businesses since January 2002. In December 2010, a branch office of TAB Engineers was opened in Tokyo to provide better support to our projects in Japan. In March 2015, the branch office of TAB Engineers was converted to a Kabushiki kaisha to better serve its Japanese customers. Over the years TAB Engineers has established itself as one of Japan’s premier testing, adjusting, balancing, and commissioning firms that provides consulting and design services on joint U.S.-Japan Defense Base projects.

TAB Engineers, LLC


A staff of trained engineering professionals and technicians knowledgeable in the operation of various systems will be at your service. With a background in design engineering, our company also offers services in the troubleshooting and the problem-solving of improperly functioning systems. Our strategy is to utilize basic engineering principles, applied to the field of testing, adjusting and balancing in order to achieve the most appropriate adjustments and recommendations. In the end, what is important is that we do what it takes to see that our customers are satisfied.


TAB Engineers recognizes that the true value of a consulting/contracting firm is measured by its ability to service its clients in a professional, friendly and efficient manner. We are committed to providing excellent service to our clients through teamwork, engineering service, and technical experience. When problems in building systems are found, the team approach is used to partner with the design consultants, contractors, and building management to provide the best possible solution. Ultimately, fine tuning the building to perform optimally and efficiently for the owner is what counts.


The credibility of a certified TAB firm is built by maintaining integrity through high standards, quality programs, and demonstrated capabilities of its certified firms. As further assurance, our certification offers a Quality Assurance Program to guarantee that the work will be accomplished in accordance with its standards. The TAB Certificate of Conformance is an integral element of the program. It assures that the Certified Firm will perform specified services in conformity with the current applicable TAB and Commissioning Procedural Standards. As the need for high performance building systems continue to dominate the building industry, Certified Firms are prepared to meet this growing demand through our training and education programs.


The Certified TAB Technician program is a great example of how Certified TAB Firms are investing in the necessary training and testing to have the most qualified technicians in the industry. Qualified TAB Technicians must be prepared to completely measure and record data in the manner specified. It is mandatory that Certified TAB Technicians possess the ability to perform the specified tasks and procedures required for each project. An understanding of HVAC system fundamentals and operating characteristics is critical for balancing, and technicians should possess rudimentary knowledge of all related systems and procedural considerations. This requires periodic training to promote knowledge and skill development as well as to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and basic skills in the use of new technology.


TAB Engineers offers a set of services that is customized based on our client’s needs and the project requirements. Rather than simply selling the services we provide, we believe it is important to listen to our clients and to explain how our services will benefit them. It's our unique blend of hands-on experience, client focus, and engineering knowledge that has continued to satisfy many of our clients.